Company History and Overview

Shivay Solar was founded on 10th October 2017 by its two directors Mr Setul Agravat and Mr Sanjay Prajapati. Shivay solar is Providing complete Solar Solutions for Subsidized Residential, Industrial, commercial rooftops and other many decentralized solar needs. We committed to bringing clean, affordable, and reliable power to India.

With a diverse range of services to offer, the company is able to support their customers through a multitude of situations. The company has a vision to contribute to nature by providing clean and renewable solar energy. In the five years of its operation, Shivay Solar has served more than 600 clients from various industries to satisfaction.

Vision and Mission

We deliver sustainable energy to our customers through innovative and reliable solar installation.

Our Mission is

  • To provide solar energy solutions to businesses and communities across the country.
  • To provide customers with an environmentally conscious, cost-effective and innovative solar installation experience

Our Vision is

  • To be a global leader in the solar installation field by providing outstanding customer service, cutting-edge technology, and an environmentally friendly product.

We are committed to restoring the planet and giving back to the community.


Shivay Solar is a solar installation company in India. Shivay Solar has been providing quality solar solutions to people for the past 5 years.

  • We have a team of experienced engineers and professionals who provide their expertise to assure the best in class solar solutions.

  • We offer the best and reliable solar solutions that are cost-efficient, durable and reliable.

  • We provide services to all types of businesses and residential houses

  • We offer quality solutions at affordable prices

  • We have a service network across India for installation of solar power systems