Solar Subsidies in India

Government Subsidy for Solar Energy

  • The Government of India is investing in Renewable Energy. As part of this plan, the government provides solar panel subsidies for homes, schools, and public spaces.

  • Solar subsidies have been instrumental in promoting renewable energy in India, with the government announcing a number of plans to make it more accessible and affordable.

  • Solar panels installed on rooftops provide an environmentally-friendly clean energy and are eligible for subsidies from the Government of India.

  • Solar subsidies in India offer a great incentive for going solar.

Eligibility for the Subsidy

The following consumers those who have already installed and commissioned the solar rooftops shall be eligible for the subsidy, provided that

  • the already commissioned system is of capacity less than 10 KW
  • the subsidy shall be eligible only for the incremental capacity @ 40% if the aggregate capacity upon enhancement is not
  • more than 3 KW and @20% if the aggregate capacity of the enhanced system is less than 10 KW

Important Information

Whenever any amount is paid by consumer to the selected Empanelled Agency towards non-subsidy part of the project cost, the Consumer shall require to obtain the original Money Receipt from the concerned Agency and will convey the amount paid with date through SMS from Consumer’s registered mobile number or through mobile App/through portal.

Empanelled Agency himself shall require to collect payment from applicant instead of collecting through Sub-vendor. Empanelled Agency shall give valid money receipt to the consumers as a proof of payment and same is required to be uploaded on portal within three days of payment transacted.